Joan Koslowske, MS, CCC-SLP



Where and when does MindBodySpeech provide services?2021-12-14T16:17:18+00:00

At this time, treatment is being offered in the comfort of your home either in person or virtually by appointment. Treatment areas include Princeton, Lawrenceville, Ewing, Hopewell, Pennington, Hamilton, and surrounding areas.

How long and how often is treatment provided?2021-11-03T15:42:26+00:00

Sessions are typically 30-45 mins in length and may be scheduled 1-2 times per week depending on the established plan of care.

Do I need to have an evaluation before starting services?2021-12-22T17:21:28+00:00

Each case is reviewed individually to determine if an evaluation is warranted. Clients who have received a recent evaluation in a school, hospital or alternate setting may submit copies of that evaluation for review. If the evaluation was conducted within the last 6 to 12 months it is likely that we can move right into therapy.

How do I know if speech and language therapy is needed?2021-12-14T16:03:03+00:00

MindBodySpeech offers an online screening by a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist to help determine if a speech and language delay/disorder may be present. During this screening, the therapist discusses the areas of concern that would indicate the need for more comprehensive assessment and/or intervention. If an evaluation is deemed necessary, the cost of the screening can be applied to the evaluation.

Do you take insurance?2021-12-07T21:05:23+00:00

Although insurance is not accepted at this time, a superbill can be provided, which you may submit to insurance independently for reimbursement.

Why choose MindBodySpeech?2021-12-14T16:02:38+00:00

MindBodySpeech strives to integrate traditional evidence based treatment strategies with a variety of mind/body interventions to facilitate progress. We believe this blended model makes the treatment sessions more interesting and fun which in turn improves client engagement and ultimately facilitates progress. From the very first visit we focus on improving the functional communication skills of our clients and work closely with our families in order to maximize treatment outcomes.

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